Vermeer - The Geographer

(Johannes Vermeer’s The Geographer [1668-1669])

This list of books, mainly on philosophy, theory, history, and criticism, is a working draft that is incomplete; lacking information is signaled by question marks. The organization is roughly chronological (involving judgment sometimes hard to make), with the authors and titles arranged according to the emergence of particular “schools” (irreducibly imperfect, even misclassified, but hopefully useful), with the classic texts followed by secondary critical treatments. For works translated into English, the year that follows the title is the year of composition (if available); the year of publication in the original language, and the year of subsequent editions (if applicable); while the year that follows the translators’ names is the year of publication in English and the year of subsequent editions (if applicable). Apologies to the publishers for not having been included in the citations; there’s no excuse except that this list was started when I entered graduate school many years ago and it would take too much effort now to correct the choice of convenience made then. For additions, suggestions, and/or corrections, please leave instructive comments. Many thanks to all who, in some way or other, guided me through this labyrinth.


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